FineLab product categories

" Product Categories  "

Organic Chemistry
  • Organic building blocks & heterocyclics

  • Chiral reagents & building blocks

  • Catalysts & ligands

  • Organometallic compounds & Grignard reagents

  • Synthetic reagents

  • Anhydrous solvents

烷基試劑 = Alkyl Metal Reagents

Alkyl Metal Reagents (烷基試劑)

Catalysts and Ligands

Catalysts and Ligands (催化劑)

超干試劑 = SuperDry Solvents

SuperDry Solvents (超干試劑)

格氏試劑  = Grignard Reagents

Grignard Reagents (格氏試劑)

鋰類試劑 = Organolithium Reagents

Organolithium Reagents (鋰類試劑)

  • Organic electronic & photonic materials

  • Nanomaterials

  • Organofluoride and organosilicon materials

  • Rare earth metals

  • Functional polymer materials & monomers

  • Enzymes, inhibitors & substrates

  • Fluorescent reagents, probes & labels

  • Electrophoresis reagents

  • Buffers & detergents

  • Stains & dyes

  • Porphyrins

  • Amino acids & derivatives

  • Polypeptides & proteins

  • Carbohydrates & derivatives

  • Nucleosides, nucleotides & oligonucleotides

  • Chemical reference standards

  • Pharmaceutical reference standards or impurities

  • Analytical reagents and solvents

  • Ion-pair reagents

  • Derivatization reagents

  • Isotope compounds

離子對試劑 = Ion Pair Reagents for HPLC

Ion Pair Reagents for HPLC (離子對試劑)

氣相頂空溶劑 = HeadSpace Solvents for GC

HeadSpace Solvents for GC (氣相頂空溶劑)

" Bulk Material for Pilot and Industrial Production  "

J&K and Amethyst products are available in various order sizes and most J&K processes can be scaled up for bulk supply to meet industrial requirements.

Research Area including  Carbohydrates Synthesis, Nucleotide Synthesis,  Environmental Analysis, Pesticides Analysis, Textile Analysis, Toy Analysis, Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics, Cancer Research, Molecular Biology, Proteomic, Optical Materials, Nanomaterials, Polymer Chemistry and more.

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Applications on different Analytical Methods, Food Safety and Quality Testing, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Testing and more.